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Atomic Swaps Hyperdex


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A quick how to guide for using Hyperdex to atomic Swap between Denarius and Bitcoin.

Download Hyperdex

During registration of your account, you will be asked to write the seed down and store safely. **STORE THIS SEED SAFELY!** After registering account you will end up at this screen.


Now select Denarius and deposit DNR into the address shown. 3 small sends are encouraged from the next step. 


Click exchange and this window pops up. You want to send 3 small transactions.


At the Exchange screen select Denarius and Bitcoin. In this example I am selling 1 DNR for 0.00040000 or 40k satoshis.


In this example I only sent a single transaction of 10 DNR. I get the error message of not enough UTXO. I already sent 2 more transactions while doing this to show what happens if you don't send a few. Wait for your 3 transactions to fully send in and show up as your total DNR balance.


Wait for a moment to see the order pop up on the DNR Sell Orders list. This current hyperdex release is still alpha so expect the unexpected.

https://denarius.io/ - Homepage
https://discord.gg/YMWMgZe - Discord Community Chat
https://denarius.host/ - Masternode Stats
http://denarius.win/ - Masternode ROI Stats
https://denariustalk.org - Forums


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