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Must have points for ICO Whitepaper - Do’s and Dont’s Read me!


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Yeah, Each and every Initial coin offering project must need an proper whitepaper to make your ICO campaign more successful. 


If you are a budding entrepreneur planning to launch your own ICO, then you have to know what is white paper and how to create it clearly to understand the nook and corner of your ICO project. 


“In, simpler terms we can say that, a whitepaper is an official business document that provides you with complete info on a particular topic”


Alright, being a crypto enthusiast, I would like to advise that, obviously the person who wants to launch their own ICO, they must create a whitepaper to stand out from the crowd and persuade investors. 


But, how do you do that? There are several key considerations for writing a quality rich whitepaper, here are


Do’s and Dont’s While writing an ICO white paper


Do’s - 


  • A top-quality ICO white paper must include high-quality text and graphics that must help you to convince your investors. 

  • Explain how will your investor get benefits from your project

  • Include your project’s roadmap to ensure that when is your platform available, and other related stuff about your ICO

  • Explain what purpose your crypto token ( utility token or security token ) will serve

  • Be open and honest about your fundraising goal. Describe the amount of funds you require and why. Indicate what you'll do if you're unable to raise the necessary funds.


Dont’s - 


  • If you can't guarantee the originality of the content, don't include it! If your ICO white paper is accused of plagiarism, it could have a negative effect on your ICO.

  • Keep in mind that many crypto investors aren't tech-knowledgeable, and jargon can be confusing to them. So avoid including the technical details in your white paper. 


Hope, the above-mentioned points will help you to get some idea about how to create your ICO website in an efficient manner. Still, didn't get any clarity about the  ICO whitepaper, 


Contact industry experts,  

Whatsapp / Telegram: 91 95005 75285

Email: [email protected]

Skype: live: hello_20214 

Whitepaper creation.png

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