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This era of development is offering multiple opportunities with blockchain and our cities are moving towards their journey of becoming smart cities. The management is relying on blockchain governance model development services for the plan for its main features like transparency, neutrality, non-hierarchical nature, accessibility, non-manipulable and secure information platform.


The planning can go ahead with the following questions being answered -

  • What should the blockchain-based smart city governance model for public services look like?
  • How can the different public blockchain-based services be best integrated?
  • Should the public administration use one single token or different tokens for each service?
  • How can private blockchain services be merged with public blockchain-based services?
  • How can both private and open data within the system be structured, regulated, and controlled?


When you get through these answers, you’ll be a step ahead with a clear picture of the model to be developed. Still, if any doubt persists or you seek professional assistance, connect with us anytime! 


Get More Detail: Phone: +91 987 83 62625
Email: [email protected]

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