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DAO, abbreviated form of Decentralized autonomous organization, is one of the best-known concepts that blockchain technology has introduced till date as these are automated democratic online communities that run through anonymous voting and participation. 


  • No doubt, people are inclined towards DAO blockchain development
  • but there are some prerequisites to be considered beforehand, those are- 
  • Objective: Why some one should participate in your DAO?
  • Voting mechanism: The process of voting, how it will be conducted?
  • Governance token: Without these, no function can be performed over DAO.
  • Community: With more people, more decentralized decision making would be.
  • Treasury: How the funds will be distributed and managed?


The aforementioned aspects are quite important to be worked on before starting with the development process. If you find it complex, approach an experienced DAO development company for assistance.


Check Out For More Detail: https://www.antiersolutions.com/dao-development-company/


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