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No doubt, crowdfunding is progressively surpassing traditional funding methods as a primary source of financing. Digitization has made fundraising easier with the use of DAO-based crowdfunding platforms be it for business ideas, nonprofit causes, or personal needs. There are various platforms, the top 3 of 2022 are listed below:



The platform is considered as best in overall performance for real estate investments. It is based on SaaS and blockchain technology that helps to convert the properties into digital shares and removes any intermediaries making it effortless to connect with owners directly.



This platform enables property owners and investors to create a portfolio of their assets, and receive investments from other investors. It lets other people invest in your homes to increase their values. 



It is a versatile platform that includes features like fundraising, tipping developers, project search, GitHub integrations, and hackathons. With this platform, one can earn, learn (Python, Rust, Ruby, JavaScript, etc.), connect as well as find funds from the open web.


Check Out For More Detail: https://www.antiersolutions.com/dao-development-company/

Schedule A Free Demo Phone: +91 987 83 62625
Email: [email protected]

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