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Layers of the Metaverse


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How many phases will the metaverse actually have? more than you may realize!
An educational slide presentation about the metaverse was made by a gaming tech specialist and entrepreneur. He draws attention to the seven layers of the metaverse in it. We'll dissect it starting at the base.

Hardware, software, and materials will make up the metaverse's infrastructure. Take WiFi, cloud storage, 5G (or possibly 6G), for instance.

Human to Human
How will individuals interact and enter the metaverse? This might be done with a smartphone, tablet, computer, or wearable technology like smart glasses or a virtual reality headset. Add gesture tracking and voice input, if possible!

The connection to the metaverse will be private and safe thanks to a cooperative network of independently operating, privately owned computers.

Computing in Space
Ah, here's where things get complicated. Tech professionals will work together to design user interfaces, 3D engines, VR, AR, and geographic mapping.

Designer Economy
Numerous businesses are now attempting to contribute to this layer, as was previously noted. They will produce marketing resources and tools that other businesses (like advertisers) may utilize.

This is the layer via which users enter the metaverse. A browser, social media platform, app store, ad network, etc. may all be used.
Users of the internet will like the experience layer. The metaverse can be accessed through games, social networking, online commerce, advertising, and other forms of content consumption (such as theater and film).

We're looking forward to the future and the many moving parts and great brains it will require!

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