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How many people use the Metaverse?

James Anders

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While still in its fledgling stages, the Metaverse is already garnering a lot of attention and hype. And for good reason! The Metaverse may just revolutionize networking as we know it, connecting the global community even further! Around 74% of US adults are absolutely on board with jumping into the Metaverse. They feel that the Metaverse could let them experience things they cannot in physical reality, connect with people all over the world, or simply escape the real world for a moment. That perhaps may explain why 25% of people are projected to spend at least an hour per day in the Metaverse. Already, many people spend time in the Metaverse with the help of play-to-earn NFT gaming marketplaces. With this being the case, it is inevitable that the Metaverse will continue to grow in order to cater to the needs of its users.

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