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Cryptocurrency exchange script cost | How much?


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A cryptocurrency exchange script is the most preferred method of starting a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Because the crypto exchange script is developed with all the features and security options of a crypto exchange.

Be it the p2p crypto exchange or the orders book or the OTC-based crypto exchange, you can get started with the crypto exchange business instantly with a pre-developed crypto exchange script.

Although it is known to many crypto startups and entrepreneurs, they will hesitate to what would be the price for the bitcoin exchange script. Here in this article, I will help you with the cost it takes to start a crypto exchange with a predeveloped crypto exchange script. How can you reduce the crypto exchange development cost?

Cryptocurrency exchange script cost

If you ask me what is the exact price, I would say that there is no definite cost for a cryptocurrency exchange script. I can say that it varies on certain factors. They are

Type of crypto exchange - P2P, orders book, OTC (three have similar costs but P2P cost is quite high if the exchange has complex transactions).
Features integration - If you are willing to launch a feature-filled crypto exchange, the cost might go high a little higher.
Security features - The crypto exchange script will be secured top-notch, if you wish to set multi-layer security, the cost might vary.
Crypto exchange script provider - Not all the script providers will offer exchange scripts at market rates. Crypto exchange script providers like Coinsqueens and Addus technologies offer feature-filled crypto exchange scripts at the best market prices.

What is the best market rate?

If you’re about to develop a crypto exchange from scratch, you will be required about 70k to 100k USD. Meanwhile, the crypto exchange script is the best alternative and the most effective solution. You can get the best results ie., starting a crypto exchange using a crypto exchange script from a reliable crypto exchange script provider. The best market price of a crypto exchange script is about 5k USD. It has all the features and security settings with an attractive UI. It also comes with the admin dashboard with which the owner of the crypto exchange monitor, make changes, and control the crypto exchange remotely.

Who is coinsqueens and why you should get crypto exchange from them?

Being a leader in offering Blockchain-based software development services, they have been excelling for the past few years. They surpass almost every blockchain-based software development service offering company in the market. With highly expertise Blockchain developers fueling the company, they excel in crafting the best cryptocurrency exchange scripts that are customizable based on various business requirements. Their specialty is crafting the best cryptocurrency exchange scripts and they have launched about 100+ cryptocurrency exchanges of all sorts.

Get started with their Cryptocurrency exchange script now

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