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TrAVAla is the first useful cryptocurrency for travelers and investors. Especially now.


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Among many hundreds of tokens, one is most useful every day. 

Until now, the degree of integration of cryptocurrencies with the real financial world and everyday needs was not the best. Despite the sharp rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies in recent years, they remain a niche payment method. Tokens can be used to pay where anonymity is required. They can be invested and, if you are lucky with the trends and conjuncture, you can earn money on it. Alternatively, lose. Depends on level of luck.

Usually, tokens are characterized by great volatility, which depends not least on how easily the cryptocurrency can be used by ordinary users. Even a super popular bitcoin is of little use in a supermarket. 

Token AVA from the travel platform Travala.com looks like an exceptionally successful solution. This is probably the first token that will be useful to you. Travala.com - understandable, where the name of its own token AVA came from - appeared in 2017, turning into a full-fledged tourist portal, offering booking services, accommodation, flights, etc. you can pay with cryptocurrency. With a discount. 

And this is not some indie craft. We are talking about more than 2,300,000 accommodation facilities covering 90,124 destinations in 230 countries and territories, from budget hostels to five-star villas. The prices are up to 40% lower than those of ordinary booking platforms. 

The AVA token is used in the ecosystem as a payment method for loyalty bonuses and much more. You can pay with other popular coins, but AVA-wallet for users gives the maximum benefit. 

How to make money on it? 

AVA gives several profit opportunities because it combines cryptocurrency and a partner program. Each user of the service can receive $25 for inviting a friend to the service. Nothing super ordinary, you need to visit the link, book accommodation or air tickets for the sum of $200. Even in terms of cashback, it looks decent. After the invitee completes his visit to the hotel or flight, he and the inviter will each receive $25 per personal wallet in the form of an AVA. There are no restrictions on the number of guests, which means that the bonus depends only on the circle of communication. Travala charges bonuses registered on the portal even if there is no invitation - this brings $10. 24% annual rate is charged for keeping the AVA cryptocurrency in the wallet. At the same time, it does not matter if the amount received with the help of rewards was withdrawn from the cryptocurrency exchange or simply deposited from the bank card. That is, it is possible to receive bonuses from AVA immediately, without waiting for the token to rise in price. Its ecosystem is sufficiently large that there was something to pay for and receive cashback. 

Strategically, AVA is constantly growing. It also has peaks and troughs - it's still a market cryptocurrency. During its existence, it grew from 30 cents to almost a dollar per token. In addition, AVA gives the opportunity to avoid commissions when withdrawing cryptocurrency to payment systems and vice versa. There are no taxes either. Due to the sanctions in 2022, many travelers are faced with the fact that they cannot pay with their usual cards in several regions. In this sense, AVA looks like an ideal solution. 

We are dealing with an exceptionally successful idea that proves its viability. The ecosystem is very large and growing further, which ensures the constant growth of the token price. We recommend that you look at the AVA. Highly recommended.

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