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Ideal platform for your NFT project to reach its target audience : Discord server marketing


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Important aspect of marketing is finding the right target audience. With discord you can create any number of public or private servers for your brand. Discord enables its users to create communities, share information and talk about a particular niche. You can find the right target audience for your NFT project on communities related to your niche. Marketing becomes more effective with Discord communities.

We at the Blockchain app factory create an exclusive server for your project and manage it effectively to promote your brand.

Discord marketing for various NFT projects

  • NFT games

  • DeFi projects

  • Metaverse games

  • NFT marketplaces

  • IDO projects

  • Crypto currencies

Building a community on Discord

  • We create an exclusive business specific server for brands on Discord.

  • Invite users from other related communities and promote the brand in those communities. You can also invite members through sharing links in other social media platforms.

  • Regularly provide related content to your community members and actively engage them. You can share videos, blogs, posts and memes to increase your firm's popularity.

  • Use market analytics to know your engagement levels and deploy new strategies to improve your customer engagement.

Why Discord community marketing?

There are many features in discord that makes it an effective marketing platform.

  • Specific roles can be given to community members to manage the community.

  • Any number of Discord servers can be created

  • With its like BOT, communities can provide instant support and answer customer queries.

  • Ideal platform to build a loyal follower base for your brand. 

Discord can be the best platform for promoting NFT projects, as it already has a number of active NFT enthusiasts. But creating a server and actively managing it requires persistence. We at the blockchain app factory help you in building your server from scratch and forming a  active and loyal community for your NFT venture.

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