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Crypto Token Types and its Benefits - What You Need to Know..!


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In recent days, we can see that many business people are kickstarting their business in the crypto field because crypto-based businesses are booming and growing faster than other business models. 

Creating a crypto token helps startups to expand their business by raising funds. There are three main types of crypto tokens that are mainly developed by crypto people such as 

  1. Utility tokens 

  2. Security tokens

  3. Non-Fungible tokens

Each of these crypto token types has different use cases. When it comes to crypto token development, it is preferable to choose the best token standards. As of now, ERC20, TRC20, BEP20, ERC721, ERC1400, TRC721, and BEP721 are the well-performing token standards for crypto token development. 


Business Benefits of Creating Crypto Tokens

  • Middle-man free transactions

  • Anonymity 

  • Globalized instant secure transaction 

  • P2P decentralized network 

  • Limitless data

  • Cost-efficient transactions

  • Easily trackable and more 


You can get these extraordinary benefits, once you decided to create crypto tokens. While planning to create crypto tokens, the first thing that strikes your mind is the cost to develop.


Compared to other crypto businesses, crypto tokens are easy to create without spending more effort.


Depending on your own business requirement, creating a crypto token can cost anywhere between $8K to $10K along with the secured crypto token wallet. There are also some factors that impact the crypto token development cost. 


You can refer to those factors here >> Cost to Create Crypto Token


However, developing a crypto token will take a lot of time and quite a lot of procedures. so If you want to create feature-rich crypto tokens, then I suggest you find out a reputed crypto token development company for better results and the best services. Also, this would be a safer, simpler, and time-effective choice.


Get connected with them and kickstart your business! 




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