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[ANN] Neon Megapolis, NFT based, Metaverse world!


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Neon Megapolis is one of the first virtual city powered by Polygon network, specially build for Metaverse, designed
by Innovative Technologies.
Our futuristic city is designed by properties stored on the blockchain.
Owners of each collectible ERC-721 (NFT) token and specially named
(NMFT) with maximum supply of 30507, have the ownership of these properties and have
the control over the content of interior and exterior.Responsible for the proper distribution of NFT, their creation and application,
 is executed by a smart contract based on the polygon network, which can be publicly seen:
Owners can build apartments, offices, 3D virtual shops experiences.
Neon Megapolis is also a AR/VR and 3D platform for personal space, shopping and business.
Each property (building) is a metadata container with specific geolocation, height, width, enough to build allowed floors.
Possible to reproduce any object, scene, art or music each owner will have multiple choises to represent his idea or business.
Neon Megapolis can be a workground area, so owners can recruit people to work at various projects.
A non-player character (NPC) can also be programmed to work at your shop to represent your products for example.
Interior design of your apartment, where you can invite colleagues, friends, play games, have fun, will also be part of the main entertainment.
Dating clubs, chat, verbal communication, virtual bars, discos, relaxation areas presented in VR will be available.

Official marketplace: opensea.io/collection/neonmegapolisnft
Website: neonmega.com
Discord: discord.gg/8jFat6cq9D


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