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Hey guys,

I wanna know how can i load my wallet , when i did save it to "wallet.dat" through the backup, ive had old version of denarius wallet and it didnt even load my balance though on blockchain explorer i can clearely see that i do have some balance , ive downloaded new version of the wallet and cant figure out how do i load the old wallet from that backup file :) Ty all for answers.

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I think this has been answered already but simpelest way for me has been to:

First): If you have coins in the new wallet i suggest to send them to your old wallet prior to importing it (not sure if you can import 2 wallet.dat files in same wallet, see later steps).

Second): Stop the wallet if it is running.

Third): import old wallet.dat into new wallet. This should be located at...C:/users/(your_user_name_here)/AppData/Roaming/Denarious...replace the wallet.dat file with the one you wish to import.

Fourth): start wallet. It should sync up.

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