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Denarius v2.0.5.0

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Denarius v2.0.5.0


  • Added Litemode!
  • (Add the litemode=1 flag to your denarius.conf to run your wallet in "Litemode", running your wallet in Litemode prevents your node from processing masternode/darksend/instantx messages.)
  • Running your node in litemode will help with current performance issues with denariusd and the Denarius-QT
  • Running your node in litemode will NOT allow the use of masternode information/services, you cannot run a masternode in litemode!
  • Running a node in litemode will cause the original 33% for block rewards for masternode payments to be burnt if staking or mining via proof of burn to a nonstandard DNR address (e.g. You received a stake of 0.77 DNR (Total PoS Reward was 1 DNR), 33% goes to a random masternode usually ~0.33 DNR, instead, that 0.33 DNR will be burnt to a burn address in litemode)
  • Added 'litemode' flag return to the getinfo rpc command
  • Added Litemode On/Off in the Information Tab in the QT
  • Added checkpoints
  • Added kernel modifier checkpoints
  • Added checks to listunspent rpc command for spent coins (atomic swaps)
  • Added 'masternode' flag information to getinfo rpc command
  • PoS Reward Fix is confirmed working!
  • Started work on UTXO index


Get the latest release here: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/tag/v2.0.5.0

Founder of BlockForums.org - PM me for any help - Join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/UPpQy3n

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