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Vanitygen - Custom DNR Addresses - Windows


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Get latest vanitygen https://github.com/downloads/samr7/vanitygen/vanitygen-0.22-win.zip


Unzip to a directory and go to command line to that directory.

oclvanitygen -X 30 -i Dsadhoe

This will pop up what video cards you have to hash with.

For example you have 2 1070's.

Available OpenCL platforms:
0: [NVIDIA Corporation] NVIDIA CUDA
  0: [NVIDIA Corporation] GeForce GTX 1070
  1: [NVIDIA Corporation] GeForce GTX 1070

To use both GPU's to hash with.

oclvanitygen -D 0:0 -D 0:1 -X 30 -i Dsadhoe

This will run both GPU's [-D command] with PUBKEY of 30 (D) [-X command] and case insensitive for sadhoe [-i command].

Then importprivkey into your wallet and be a happy sadhoe.

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Awesome guide!

There is also direct support for DNR via Vanitygen-Plus now: https://github.com/exploitagency/vanitygen-plus/releases/tag/PLUS1.52

It is a bit different in how it is ran, but more up-to-date. You will also generally need to decrypt your private key after generating one through this version as it comes out protected.

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