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GPU Undercloking


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Question for those with a bit more technically inclined than myself...

Is there a way or even a config that can be made so that when a gpu driver crash occurs that it reloads the power and core settings that i have set before the crash?

I'm using MSI Afterburner on my cards with a fairly aggressive overclock. +150 core +250 mem 70% power. The issue being is that if it decides to go unstable (randomly at that), i then have to reset everything to get the OC to go back into the system cleanly.

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i believe you can do this in GPU Bios. Try to look up youtube video on modding GPU Bios, however I think it voids warranties. Sometimes computer components don't like certain bios changes as well, so I wouldn't recommend it unless your very comfortable with it. I've done Bios changes on my CPU before but never GPU. For the CPU you just f12 or del as windows is starting up and it takes you into bios screen. 

Sorry I don't think this is much help


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