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New mining pool for Denarius - BSOD.PW

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BSOD.PW supports Denarius!

Welcome to the world of lucky mining!

ccminer -a tribus -o stratum+tcp://eu1.bsod.pw:2153 -u YOURWALLETADDRESS.rigname -p x -R 5

More than 15 000 lucky miners knows why it is worthy to mine with bsod.pw

Telegram BSOD News  https://t.me/bsodnews

[EN] BSOD Support https://t.me/BsodPool_EN

[RU] BSOD Support  https://t.me/bsodpool

Telegram bot (recommended miners and commands) - miners and configs http://t.me/bsodpw_bot

BSOD Discord https://discord.gg/zwYddjX

Twitter https://twitter.com/BsodPool

Be wise. Be profitable. Happy mining!
Your bsod.pw team.

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