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How can I find my private key or pass phrase?


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1 hour ago, Vagumera said:

I installed the Denarius Wallet on my windows 10 PC a while back.

But I wanted to know is:

Where can I see my wallets private key or pass phrase? 

I can't find any menu options to view this.

I'd like to store a copy of it as a backup.


The "Backup wallet" option in the Settings menu is one method of backing up your wallet.dat which contains your private keys.

The other way to get your private keys from your Denarius wallet would be via the Console (Help->Debug Window->Console) and typing the command for the specific address:

dumpprivkey <yourdenariuspublicaddress>


dumpprivkey D6JucBC6EukcdMoApTNGBf6SFQkkmm9Gft

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