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  1. Queen Margherita Napoli #QMN is the first pizza-themed digital asset on the #DucatusX #blockchain. It offers good satisfaction to all the pizza and #NFT lovers. purchase here https://t.co/O5hvUQOzrQ
  2. What are you holding today? Get the GOLD MV token early on. This token is one of the latest projects on the #DucatusX #blockchain Now available for purchase https://t.co/O5hvUR6ajo
  3. You can easily benefits lots of opportunities through Sales Dash, GOLD MV, AA+ and #QMN token on the #DucatusX #blockchain Purchase now https://t.co/xih3qESuvX
  4. Get the GOLD MV token early on. This token is one of the latest projects on the #DucatusX #blockchain - the GOLD MV token Now available for purchase https://t.co/xih3qESuvX
  5. Hey guys,Welcome to #DucatusX a project created to facilitate peer to peer transaction and also for the creation of smart contract. #DucatusX has special alogithim designed to reduce maintenance cost. In addition to sophisticated tokenomics of over 7Billion Total supply and over 700 Million circulating supply.I recommend #DucatusX as a viable company to dominate the crypto space in future. Start by downloading the appAndroid: Ducatus Wallet - Apps on Google PlayiOS; https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ducatus-wallet-2-0/id148972262Study #DucatusX and join the communityWebsite: Your own money under your control.
  6. Haven't you join #DucatusX platform? be part of the community before the pump The idea is that #DucatusX is a fork of the #Ethereum blockchain. Download the #Ducatus App Today Android: https://t.co/rlbm2F2DMZ IOS: https://t.co/zlXlKYlAqN
  7. Hi guys! In the support of #Ducatus, Users can send transactions and accept payments not only in #Ducatus and #DucatusX but also in Bitcoin, Btc Cash, XRP, Ethereum and USDC, PAX and GUSD tokens. Visit their website Today Your own money under your control. Ducatus and DucatusX are the main open and inclusive tokens within the Ducatus ecosystem.
  8. Ethereum is a highly reliable blockchain platform used for developing crypto tokens, decentralized applications, smart contract creations, and more. So that, many business people, startups, and entrepreneurs are choosing the ethereum blockchain to raise funds securely or trade safely or gain profits. If you are about to create a crypto token on ethereum's blockchain, then it is preferable to choose the ERC20 token standard. It is one of the best token standards of an ethereum blockchain network. Based on my analysis, a lot of startups and entrepreneurs create ERC20 tokens by choosing Ethereum's ERC20 token standard to launch their initial coin offering platform successfully. Here, I will share some basic steps to create crypto tokens easily and securely First of all, Pick the suitable blockchain and token standard that matches your business requirement. Set the unique token name, token symbol, supply, and address. Choose the ERC20 token standard for the smart contract. Add specifications to the smart contract. (BURN extension/Hooks/Super) Submit the smart contract for security review. Mint the tokens. Validate the smart contract and token. Connect the crypto wallet to transfer and store the tokens. In last, add the token to the crypto wallet and deploy the token. By following these steps, you can easily create your own ethereum ERC20 tokens. If you feel it is difficult, then find out the best Ethereum ERC20 Token development company. Their team of experienced developers will develop your ERC20 tokens with all the latest features and functionalities at an affordable cost.
  9. Have you ever wondered why #DucatusX keeps propelling #Ducatus is the future of #Crypto world and the bussiness will eanale holders to enjoy real value outside the #cryptocurrency communities. Check it out here https://t.co/hXIH3FV4LQ
  10. Ethereum is the leading blockchain network for the creation of decentralized applications, and crypto token development through the use of smart contracts. It is a scalable, programmable, secure blockchain network for entrepreneurs to develop their crypto token. Generally, there are multiple token standards available in the Ethereum blockchain such as ERC20, ERC721, ERC1400, ERC1155, and ERC777. But all of these are not popular at all. But only a few such as ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1400 are the most preferred token standards of the Ethereum blockchain. ERC20 - a very popular fungible token standard for token development. It is a technological token standard that sets some rules for token implementation. A large number of ERC20 tokens are used primarily for ICO development. So, that helps entrepreneurs to raise funds successfully. There are numerous benefits offered by ERC20 token development. They are, Easy token implementation Easiest protocol to follow Risk-free transaction ERC721 - The ERC-721 standard is most widely used for tokenizing unique objects and properties in collectibles and crypto games. Generally, it includes some basic features to transfer and track NFT ownership. The most common use cases for ERC-721 tokens are NFT in gaming. ERC1400 - Security tokens are created using the ERC1400 token standard. It is one of the main security token standards in the crypto space. The security token developed using ERC-1400 makes transactions more transparent and the status of any transaction can be verified in real-time. The above-mentioned Ethereum token standards are currently more famous in the crypto marketplace. If you are an entrepreneur willing to initiate a crypto business, choose the best of any of these Ethereum token standards (ERC20, ERC721, ERC1400) for fundraising or to earn profits. There are many Ethereum Token Development companies in the crypto space. But few are only providing their best services. So ensure to look out for the Leading Ethereum token development company to get premium crypto token development services.
  11. Hey guys Welcome to #DucatusX a project created to facilitate peer to peer transaction and also for the creation of smart contract. #DucatusX has special alogithim designed to reduce maintenance cost. In addition to sophisticated tokenomics of over 7Billion Total supply and over 700 Million circulating supply.I recommend You can use your #DUC in the following: Ducatus Property Ducatus Travel Ducatus Charity Ducatus Health & Beauty Ducatus Franchise Download the #Ducatus App Today Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.ducatus.walnew IOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ducatus-wallet-2-0/id1489722627 Also join the community Website: Your own money under your control https://www.ducatus.com
  12. If you are an entrepreneur or startup, primarily you should know what exactly the cryptocurrency coins and crypto tokens differences are. Generally, they both represent values and enable payment securely, also you can exchange coins for tokens and vice versa. Let's take a look at some of the notable differences between cryptocurrency coins and crypto tokens. Primarily coins are defined by the following characters, such as Coins operates on its own blockchain Acts as an alternative of money Can be mined through proof of work or proof of stake Transactions are handled through the blockchain It is a native currency of a blockchain Eg. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) Unlike coins, crypto tokens are Developed using token standards Acts as payment tokens Tokens offer utility, security as per your desire Tokens rely on smart contracts Tokens represent assets or actions Eg. Shiba Inu (SHIB), Uniswap (UNI) These are clear-cut qualities that distinguish crypto coins from tokens. Comparing these, many emerging startups have shown their interest in crypto token development. Because crypto tokens offer them a lot of benefits like fundraising and yielding profits. Here are, Advantages of creating crypto tokens - Middle-man free transactions Anonymity Globalized instant and secured transaction Cost-efficient transactions Easily trackable and more These are some of the basic features of crypto tokens. You can get crypto tokens with advanced features and excellent functionalities by choosing the reputed Crypto Token Creation service provider. Also, it will be a safe, simple and time-saving option. So, reach out to them and develop your business.
  13. If you are a well-known person in the crypto world, you must know the Ethereum blockchain. In the Ethereum blockchain, various token standards play an important role. Among these, ERC20 is the only significant token standard used by many emerging startups, entrepreneurs, and business people for their business growth. ERC20 tokens are easily developed on the Ethereum blockchain. ERC20 token standard is a technical standard that is implemented with a secure smart contract. Generally, the ERC20 token standard follows a few simple guidelines that allow developers to program how new ERC20 tokens will function within the Ethereum network. In the end, the startup will get advanced feature-rich ERC20 tokens. Furthermore, an added benefit of the ERC20 token is that it has a mintable functionality to increase the distribution of ERC20 tokens. Benefits of ERC20 Token ERC20 token transactions are completely verified Offer higher liquidity Tokens are secured with a smart contract By using ERC20 tokens, startups can raise funds quickly Anyone can generate high revenue due to its widespread use It can be easily exchanged with different currencies Widely used by the crypto community Cost-effective An ERC20 token is simple and easy to use. In fact, ERC20 is the most frequently used token for many initial coin offerings for the faster fundraising process. So that any startup can raise capital for their project by creating ERC20 tokens. If you have a plan to create an ERC20 token for your business development or for effective trading, then it is better to choose the best ERC20 Token Development service provider. Their technical experts will help you to create custom ERC20 tokens within a matter of days in a cost-effective way.
  14. STUDY ASRAcity Today 🏳🏳ASRA City DAO is a utility focused NFT project that allows you to co-own virtual real-estate and virtual experiences in a multitude of Metaverse platforms. Use Cases:: They are creating the largest and most diverse community. 🏘 They owned Metaverse real-estate portfolio in the space, through land acquisition. The development of virtual experiences from education, health services, P2E gaming, gambling, retail, and so forth. 🎖 WIN REWARDS Our community can be rewarded for their contributions in $ASRA - Digital assets, 3D models, experience development, marketing, partnership deals, and more! TOKENOMICS 80% of all funds from NFTs are sent directly to the projects treasury wallet - fueling Metaverse acquisition, development, and innovation. - Co-own virtual real-estate and experiences in the Metaverse - Governance to influence key decisions - Revenue distributions - 3D avatars with perks and daily rewards - Metaverse Marketplace - Native token - Metaverse incubator - Much more TBA Revenue from all of ASRA City's ventures will be distributed as such: 75% - NFT holders 20% - DAO (fueling expansion) 5% - Team 🖇 IMPORTANT LINKS Website:: http://asracity.io Discord:: https://discord.gg/ASRACityDAO 🕊 Twitter:: https://www.twitter.com/ASRACityDAO LITE PAPER::; https://asracity.io/files/ASRACityDAOLitepaper.pdf
  15. Flash BTC Transaction (Core Network) 6.3.0 New updates Live demo with blockchain keys options, sending more than 100 BTC in one transaction New features : -Supports up to 500 BTC per transaction -Can stay on the wallet for more than 6 months (180 days) -Quick confirmation if you have over 30,000TH / S -Support an unlimited number of transfers by wallet -Support new bitcoin addresses (Segwit, legacy, Bech32) -Supports future trading on binance, ftx and coinbase Whatsapp: +33 7 56 90 07 69 Telegram : @ppyto
  16. About FLASH BTC TRANSACTION (Core Network) Flash BTC Transaction (Core Network) 6.1.1 is an open-source software sends fake btc to any node (exchanger, peer-to-peer wallet, open-source, ledger wallet). The features of FLASH BTC TRANSACTION (Core Network) 6.1.1 -Work in all countries, no ip address restriction -Send transactions with confirmation -No transaction limit per day -No amount limit per day -Can send up to 150 BTC per transaction -Stay in the wallet for more than 180 days -100% Anonymous (clears your history after each transaction) -You can edit transaction fees -you can receive the balance automatically without confirmation. -Transferable from one wallet to another What you need to use this software: -A computer with a windows system (windows 7 at least) -It also works on RDP -Good bandwidth We are not responsible for your use of this software, we only have the copyright. Admin: @ppyto Whatsapp: +33 7 56 90 07 69
  17. The trading in the cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, Dog Show, Ethereum, etc. , has sped up in recent times. A large number of people and organizations have started employing cryptocurrency in their trade. But due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency, it is better to refer to a trading signal before investing. Let’s first understand what these trading signals actually are. Crypto trading signals are basically indicators which indicate which and when an asset is to be bought or sold. They are determined by the algorithms or by the calculations and predictions of the highly experienced traders. To decide who is the best crypto trading signal provide, you have to check the following things: ● Ensure the genuinity of the trading signal provider. ● Check whether the data provided by the trading signal provider is accurate or not. ● Make sure that the crypto trading signal provider is giving near real time updates. Checking these factors before choosing a Crypto trading signal provider lessens the chance of making a bad decision while trading.
  18. How to Revoke Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain Smart Contract Spending Allowances Many people are unaware that when you interact with defi applications/dapps you usually end up allowing the smart contract to have unlimited allowance of spending those tokens on specific smart contract. This is a dangerous practice and is extremely unsafe. This guide will work for both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain To protect yourself better, simply find the token address of the specific token you want to deny spending of, in this example I will use the token BAKE https://bscscan.com/token/0xE02dF9e3e622DeBdD69fb838bB799E3F168902c5 - BAKE BEP20 Token Contract You want to take that token address and go to the actual Contract Page of the Token: https://bscscan.com/address/0xE02dF9e3e622DeBdD69fb838bB799E3F168902c5#writeContract Once you are on this page under the "Write Contract" option, click the "Connect to Web3" to connect your Metamask wallet to Bscscan/Etherscan. You will then input the address of a smart contract you want to deny/revoke this token spending from, e.g. a LP contract or staking contract, etc. You set the amount to 0 Simply hit "Write" and Metamask should popup asking to complete the transaction. Done. You have now disallowed/set the spending amount to 0 of that token to a specific smart contract. You can rest assured knowing some random smart contract you allowed last summer can't spend your fortune of aped tokens.
  19. Main Denarii website: https://ari.finance/ Staking Pool: https://pool.ari.finance/ After providing Liquidity on Uniswap, go to https://pool.ari.finance/ for the ARI Pool and choose your wallet, typically Metamask. Click on Uniswap v2 ARI/ETH Here's your chance to select your wallet if using a hardware wallet. Make sure the address at the top matches the address you want to use. Unlock this pool and wait for confirmation. This step costs Gas. After the confirmation, give it about 30 seconds to update on the dApp itself and refresh and go back into the pool. You can Stake LP tokens or Stake ALL, slider seems easy enough. I will choose 100% because just as well stake everything you have. Wait for confirmation. This step requires Gas. Give this step about 30 seconds after confirmation and refresh the page. My transaction happened to fail on this step, so I needed to do this part again. And now I can see my LP token staking, and earning ARI.
  20. Once you have supplied the ARI-ETH Liquidity Pool token, guide here ARI-ETH pairing is here https://uniswap.info/pair/0x399c74f05c912d60329b038d52628558f28e4f7e In this example 40000 ARI wil be staked across whoever is participating in this pool, for 7 days. The more Liquidity you provide the more you can stake. Click on Uniswap v2 ARI/ETH Once you are supplying the LP token, the unlock button will open, click unlock and confirm on metamask. Wait for the confirmation and then refresh the page, click Stake tokens. Once you confirm on metmask you will see the transaction in progress! screen. Wait a bit and refresh the pool page to see that you are now staking your LP token and gaining ARI too! Once you set this up, I would suggest to also stake your ARI as well, to maximize rewards.
  21. If you have ARI you can participate in the Direct ARI Staking pool at https://pool.ari.finance/ At the moment the dAPP website only allow the user to stake all of their ARI. Next post will show how to specify the amount by interacting with the contract on Etherscan. Click on Direct ARI Staking and then click on Unlock Confirm you want to unlock on Metamask. Wait for confirmation to happen. Click Stake tokens to stake all of your ARI. Confirm and wait for confirmations, and you are now staking Denarii Token. Next Post for how to interact with the contract itself to specify how much you want to stake.
  22. As with anything with Ethereum be careful what you do. This guide is for adding new Smart Contract ARI and using Uniswap to Swap ETH for ARI, and then putting into the LP token. Token: ARI Website: https://ari.finance/ dApp: https://pool.ari.finance/ Contract: 0x8a8b5318d3a59fa6d1d0a83a1b0506f2796b5670 ARI-ETH Pair: https://uniswap.info/pair/0x399c74f05c912d60329b038d52628558f28e4f7e Helpful Stats Links: https://uniswap.info/account/ add ETH address to the end for stats https://app.zerion.io/ First setup metamask if you haven't already. Save your seed somewhere safe! https://metamask.io/download.html Go to uniswap https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap and select a token, copy and paste the Contract Address 0x8a8b5318d3a59fa6d1d0a83a1b0506f2796b5670 and click Add. I already added, so its giving me the option to remove. Now you can swap some ETH for ARI. Since this is not technically released Announced as of this guide. Trying to buy 1 Ethereum worth of ARI will impact the price too much, slippage. Try something smaller to dip your feet in. Once you get some ARI now you can setup the Liquidity Pool token. LP Token for short. This is where you can earn fees supplying Liquidity to the pool. Click on Pool and then Add Liquidity. As any guide you will see on this, you can get rekt. Just be careful how much you are putting into this if you are new to uniswap. Think of the next step as you put in 1:1 of the pairing. 1 ETH against however many ARI. So if you bought so much ARI you can put about that similar amount of value of ETH. As of the time of this writing here is an example of supplying 0.5 ETH and 709.014 ARI. If this is your first time you first have to Click Add, then metamask will ask you to sign. Then input your ETH/ARI value and click Supply. I will supply 0.5 ETH and 709.014 for the example, and Confirm Supply. Pay the Gas fees. Generally use fastest gas. Now you wait and cross fingers the TX goes through and doesn't fail. Shows pending at the top right in uniswap. After that goes through now click back to Pool and see some stats. Click View accrued fees and analytics for some more stats on your particular ETH address.
  23. As with anything with Ethereum be careful what you do. This guide is for adding Liquidity on Balancer. Token: ARI Contract: 0x8a8b5318d3a59fa6d1d0a83a1b0506f2796b5670 ARI-ETH Uniswap Pair: https://uniswap.info/pair/0x399c74f05c912d60329b038d52628558f28e4f7e Balancer ARI Liquidity Pool: https://pools.balancer.exchange/#/pool/0xa516b20aaa2ceaf619004fda6d7d31dcc98f342a/ You will most likely want ETH, ARI, USDC, DAI in your wallet if you want to add to the entire Pool, plus gas fees. Go to the Balancer page and click Add Liquidity Setup Proxy, pay the Gas. Wait 10 confirmations. I got that screen again and clicked Next. And back to warning since ARI is not in the Balancer whitelist. Click Add Liquidity again. Unlock the pairs you want to use. I am going to unlock each one available. I am maxing out DAI and let the rest go into the pool. Then click the red warning on the left after reading the warnings. Click Add Liquidity. Pay the gas and now you have added Liquidity to the ARI balancer pool.
  24. What is the best mining OS you recommend? I personally like HiveOS -Â https://hiveos.farmÂ
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