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  1. Does it take longer for the wallet to stake if there are constandly new small fractions of coins coming into the wallet ?
  2. now it is very fast - i tryed it with: http://faucet.denarius.live/
  3. Thank you very very much! I will invest more into Denarius if stays stable in the future.... that is sure! A coin with a lot potential - that is out of question!
  4. Finally - took a while. Thank you very much for the help!
  5. It still says - can not stake because wallet is offline. But seems to be we getting nearer what is going wrong with my wallet. Thank you very much for the support. I am a newbie to personal wallets anyway.
  6. I did this several times but it didn´t work out. I must doing something wrong.
  7. Still waiting that my wallet will get a connection and staking. Hope it will do this in the next days, otherwise i have to focus on other coins instead. I need a wallet that works constantly for trading or at least working once in a while for long-term-investment or staking. But so far Denarius is almost never working. Sad - because i see i high potential in this coin, especially because it has a max. supply of 10 millions. But i am a bit disapointed about the wallet so far.
  8. Ok with the help RecoStar i found out what i did wrong so far. It is still not staking - but i think i have to leave the wallet open and wait a bit longer till the connections are there - and then leave the wallet open. I copied now also all datas to an USB-Stick, for security.
  9. I figured that out now - but even with the conf-file it is not working so far
  10. I get rarley one connection and than it fails again and says 0 conncetion and no staking is possible.... I am not a flaming programmer. I don´t know what to do. I am worry to lose all my coins. And i do not find this conf-file. I feel traped into the nowhere. Â
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