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  1. This idea of Mr Zidan seems to be on point
  2. Extend the deadline please, noticed update just now (otherwise Horrasimo)
  3. Nice initiative  but it's ovepriced, imho.
  4. Okay, I got some mini-idea. Like when @Carsen makes new giveaway (if it happens) we could ask now to put tweet with some DNR-promo-message and not just DNR wallet address. I think it's pretty straightforward so no detailed explanation needed. We could put minimal-limit like at least 30 followers or something. What do you think, forum?
  5. Okay, I (or somebody more professional) could create an animated video for Youtube explaining Denarius coin advantages. It would look something like this:  ---------------------------------------------- And this: ---------------------------------------------- I will need to buy VideoScribe (£18/month) and spend some time with dev's to write rough script. I will need some 12 working hours to make an actual animated video (I took this number out of the blue). Possible difficulties include my accent (It's not that bad but English isn't my first language) and the fact that I don't have established Youtube channel (but we could make Official DNR channel). I will possibly want some incentive in form of DNR for work. What do you think, forum?Â
  6. Forum members are invited to share ideas of how to promote Denarius coin to members of cryptocurrency world and general public. Ideas should be: written in a clear and concise manner specific (answer the questions of what, when, where) legal to implement including cost of implementation (resources needed) including possible difficulties of execution (if there are any) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author believes that such method of communication will be more efficient than chat room discussions (only topical information, ability to "vote" for ideas with "heart", etc)
  7. But we got stake, forum. Which does the same thing but for all token holders, even smaller ones (isn't it?). Or are we just hype-followers, spinner buyers? I wouldn't go with the fashion just because. Ofcourse, I wouldn't mind to change my mind, if you could show some mathematical proof, analysis, arguments, benefits of implementing master node besides Oh-look-those-other-guys-grew-so-good-that-we-need-to-repeat type of sh!t.
  8. Especially considering that 1 DNR is going to be worth $50Â
  9. 15! will tell some friends to sign as well
  10. DFK6kyon5vQRahT6hmjuDg8JUmRbN2XJdQ Another one!Â
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