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  1. That explain why I received nothing in the last two days and http://brutum-pool.com/miner/DMik19udSPsLr5adTDbzC7hA65KUkP7zHA still showing I got paid 5 and yesterday morning that sum was 129 DNR . thank you tichopf
  2. Hello everyone, I am mining on http://brutum-pool.com and couldn't understand why the block number that is reported by ccminer is far from the one reported by block explorer (https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dnr/) , and when I started another ccminer on local wallet the block number was accurate, is this a bug in ccminer or it is proof-of-stake blocks are skipped ? in the screenshot the upper miner is mining on brutum and the other is local.
  3. It will be nice to show the sum amount of multiple selected rows in transaction tab, so instead of using a calculator, one can select those mining transaction for day (or week) and somewhere (like status bar) will show the count of selected rows and the sum .
  4. Oops , my bad ! or my eyes bad ! Please forgive my English.
  5. Thank you Carsen. I have suggestions : 1_ Add open conf file in settings menu for easier access. ( or may just create empty file with correct name if it is not there , and open its folder in the explorer ) 2_ In transaction tab it would be really nice to have counter show the amount sum of multiple selected rows .( and may the count of those selected rows) And keep the good work dear.
  6. DMik19udSPsLr5adTDbzC7hA65KUkP7zHA Thank you !
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