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  1. So far so good, The new wallet is cool; It was a nice build, definitely not built by a fool. Lol. Hope my Rhymes where cool? Nice Work There Carsen... you really did a nice job on the wallet...
  2. Let me go check it out... I'll sure post a review when I'm done with it... And by the way you're doing good @Carsen
  3. until

    Congrats Denarians... y'all made it happen
  4. This is freaking funny... lol.. OK justo temporarily disable your Antivirus and install DENARIUS WALLET... it is clean as Carsen said... at least I use Denarius Wallet on My Windows 7.
  5. Boy you rock, how you did it with the meme #2 beats. Congrats all the same

    1. tendermartin


      indeed i wanna be like him when i grow up


      My fun DNR meme.jpg

  6. D7Zh3WkcczEuvgpNdxqngC2fxyqAksWZJH nice one
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