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  1. Oh. It's ok now. few days and they unlock my acc after my letter to support)
  2. Who can tell me how can I solve this problem? I wrote to support but no answer yet(
  3. Have you set of any intensity in bat file? Overclocked gpu or stock parameters? Â
  4. who tried this one CWIGM  0.9.8 (upto 30% increase in MH/s) ? 4x1060 give 145Mh/s but not stable + rej 2.36%
  5. I'll try to use your pool with some donation today. yiimp gave me  7 coin with 2.0% fee yesterday. Not much then before. Let's see what we have with hashbag)
  6. Well. I have 4 x 1060 (armor 6G) 121 - 122Mh/s. Use http://yiimp.ccminer.org pool and ccminer/2.2. 7-14 coins per day. So am thinking about solo now. About hashbag.cc and stolen coins heard(Â
  7. Hello friends=) One realy interesting moment for me and for beginners I think. What pool is better in your opinion? Profit, speed and secure. Some tips maybe. Thanks for answers and sorry for my english
  8. most like none line games with crafting sys, when you can sell craft items for real money. 5years lineage2 profit=P
  9. oh, I see. Thank you for quick response. It will be normal in winter but not when +30-40 outside. Maybe try latter) Thanks
  10. overclock presets for best result. I have +200 for core. Sorry for my english)
  11. What set will be better for 1060 6gb armor? Thanks=)
  12. DS17GqHQWFSDyxrftufuCyfF6gGAC6HdWh Â
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