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  1. #2 for the contest. FingersCrossed.
  2. Thank you so much for the faucet links.
  3. A little late for the giveaway... DHqe6uaMccE3aUMPVwwb3LGrkgSgTbZN9W Thank you so much Carsen.
  4. ubercool


    Hello, I think most of you know me from slack as a noob. I am a freelance and written articles about general media in past, active in Bitcointalk and Twitter from India. Came to know about Carsen and Denarius when he started a Twitter campaign a month ago I guess, very kind and helpful, I must say. Happy to be a part of Denarius community and yes, I still do ask stupid questions. Regards Ubercool
  5. Ubercool is here.. DNR : DHqe6uaMccE3aUMPVwwb3LGrkgSgTbZN9W Happy to be a part of DNR community.
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