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  1. Hi to everyone out there,

    since i like the style of Denarius quite much, following and holding coins since a long time and beeing myself as well into software engineering, i'd like to share some ideas that could maybe look good within Denarius.

    I know that not all ideas might belong diretly into the Developement Section of this forum but since they always include a technological part i think its right place to start.

    To give a first overview i'll group my ideas here and get into them in the upcoming posts within the next time.

    • Reversed Staking for "lost" coins  
      • To combat a higher deflation and to make staking for the normal users more interesting a protocol change needs to be implemented
      • Coins on adresses that appear to be lost or simply forgotten incur a negative fee after a specific period X so they will slowly move back into the circulating supply
    • SMS-Wallet-Service
      • To make the coins more attractive for a group of people who could really make it a great use case in daily life
      • you would need to make it available for countrys where there is no real payment system available, no banks 
      • Lot of third world countrys dont have smartphones or internet access and rely on a sms style banking service
      • Comes down to integrate a sms wallet to send and receive coins
    • Community Air Drop
      • Major problem with most of the coins available is a big premine or unfair distribution in circulating coins. A fair distribution of wealth is impossible.
      • If either there would be something like a denarius foundation or a community financed airdrop of a significant amount of circulating coins to a broad number of users the Denarius Project would be able to move to a better adoption level
      • An idea for fair distribution could be achieved over the mobile wallet, and the airdrop will only be initiated once the number of registred users pass a certain amount,
        • lets say distrubuting 1.000.000 Coins once at least 100.000 People have registered could make a significant impact
        • Because phone numbers are more difficult to obtain and register then mail wallets or bitcoin/crypto adresses and still maintatin a certain pseudonimity the described wallet service could be an good idea
    • Real World Use Cases
      • With the integration of the new DNS service, there is still a need for runnign services on chain.
      • For this Idea a new sort of nodes running on the network could solve the problem and bring other parties onto the chain 😉
      • More when the time is right 
    • Homomorphic Encryption
      • To combat censorship and to maintain a free internet its important to enable and work with encrypted data without decrypting it where it is processed.
      • Therefore, alternative keys that are used f.e. homomorphic services and are to be created, burned and organized from within the denarius wallet could solve this issue.
      • Same goes here, more when the time is right

    For now just a quick summarize, in case you have questions or anything else just feel free to start discussion on here or get into direct contact with me.

    best regards to the communtiy,


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