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  1. Hey, really need support for coins missing from my Denarius Wallet? Can someone help me with this? Thanks
  2. After extracting it into the Denarius data drive it fixed the syncing issue and started syncing but the balance of the unallocated coins are now gone. What happened to the balance and how do I recover it? Thanks
  3. Hey,

    I need some help with my Denarius Wallet. I have an unconfirmed amount of D that I can't access. The bar at the bottom of the screen says 85% blocks of transaction history and last confirmed block was generated 159 days ago.

    How do I get the Wallet to Sync to the network. 

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      https://denarii.cloud download the latest chaindata.zip and extract it into your Denarius data directory on your machine, then startup the wallet again, give it a few minutes and you will be fully synced much quicker than attempting to sync from 0

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  4. Hey, Can anybody help me. I have coins sitting in my wallet that are still unconfirmed and so I cannot access them. The sync to network bar on the bottom of the screen says 85% blocks of transaction history and last received block was 159days ago. what do I need to do?
  5. Ok I just noticed my wallet is not yet synced. I will wait to see if the balance appears when it has completed the sync, and if not I will try importing it again. Thanks for your help
  6. Ok Thankyou you are really helping me out. I have now obtained my private keys of my Denarius transactions addresses. because I am going from coinomi wallet on my phone to Denarius wallet on my PC and couldn't cut and paste, I had to manually copy the private keys (took a little while). I have just entered the first key into the debug console and hit enter. It entered and turned green but nothing else happened. Should this transaction automatically appear in my wallet? Thanks
  7. I tried it again and get the same message. I cut and paste the command in the dropdown list for importprivkey and it replies back with an error message in red. Do you know any other way I can import my private keys from the Coinomi wallet into my Denarius wallet, as coinomi no longer support Denarius? Thanks
  8. Thanks i typed it in and this is what came up in red letters  importprivkey <denariusprivkey> [label] [rescan=true] Adds a private key (as returned by dumpprivkey) to your wallet. (code -1)
  9. Hi, How do I import private keys to my Denarius wallet from another wallet?
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