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  1. I have ordered a 3080. Don't got it yet, but def going to test it out on whining when it comes. I'll try to let you know. In general the 3000 series is faster and more efficient then the previous one, not sure how profitable it is to mine with, but it's better then the previous generation.
  2. This was very interesting to say the least. Kim Clement making a prophecy about Bitcoin reaching $20.000 and the part about denarii (Denarius) is extremely cool when you are connecting all the dots. Trump and Mr. Klock. Carsen Klock founded Denarius and Trump became president. I generally don't believe to much in prophecies. but this gives me goosebumps. I'm trying to be rational and not jump into conclusions, but the prophecies clearly leads to Denarius. I know there are technological breakthroughs incoming for Denarius and the part about "suddenly something" seems to align well. If I ever we
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