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  1. Anyone? I might want to invest a couple btc in this project but i'm only willing to do that when i'm sure that its safe. And for that to be sure, i want to compile my own wallet, could anyone help me compile this windows qt wallet myself?
  2. Would you also be able to make a tutorial like this to compile the wallet for windows? https://denariustalk.org/index.php?/topic/197-compiling-windows-qt-wallet/
  3. Hey guys, I want to compile the windows wallet myself so i'm 100% sure that the code that is shown on github is also the actual code in the wallet and that there isn't any malicious stuff added in there. The only issue is, i cant find any guide or tutorial on how to do this. Could anyone help me building the denarius windows qt wallet from the source code on github? https://github.com/carsenk/denarius I've tried to follow the https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/blob/master/doc/readme-qt.rst windows part, but i think its outdated by like 3-5 years and i cant get that to work either.. Any help on this would be really appreciated, doesn't matter if its a cross compile from linux to windows, or straight away on windows.
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