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  1. No problem.Glad i helped
  2. As i said you before the wallet will freeze for a little while for each of the private keys you entered which is logical because the wallet searches more than 3.5M blocks each time. If your wallet is synced the balance will show up after the wallet finishes its job
  3. Ahhhh Coinomi Why didnt you say so The process is more involved Got to https://iancoleman.io/bip39/ make sure you are disconected from the net in the next steps input your mnemonic code in the coin select Denarius and in the derived addresses you will get a list of Denarius addresses . Copy paste the private key of each address you have funds in there following the step above importprivkey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. check your syntax. You propably made a typing error importprivkey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. go to debug console and type importprivkey PRIVATEKEYHERE your wallet will freeze for a fair bit of time while it searches the blockchain for transactions.Just let it do its job dont close it. do that for every privatekey with funds you might have Happy to help if you run into trouble
  6. put these options in the denarius.conf file and restart the qt wallet staking=1 fsconflock=1 This will enable two things.Obviously the first enables the staking and the second locks the collateral so it wont stake.So you will be able to unlock and stake the earnings without breaking the collateral.Enjoy and welcome to our Community. Â
  7. Yeah a Fortunastake is like a rebranded Masternode. You need 5000D to run one. If you have the collateral then Follow these instructions in this Tutorial here..Its for ubuntu 16.04 but has links to help you if you have 18.04 There is also a script that Buzzkill created with a menu That is more straighforward. Look First in the tutorial above how to configure the fortunastake.conf in the qt wallet. Menu version. Choose Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, or update to latest daemon. bash -c "$(wget -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/buzzkillb/d-fortunastake/master/fs.sh)" Good Luck.If you are stuck somewhere feel free to Join our Discord Server https://discord.gg/z5yurUQ where you can find me and others that can help with any issue you have
  8. Thanks for this.Yeah this is more elegant way to do it.
  9. get the latest chaindata https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/download/v3.3.7/chaindata1799510.zip  Â
  10. So to automate all this i made the following script service electrumx stop export DB_DIRECTORY='/db' export COIN=Denarius export DB_ENGINE=leveldb electrumx_compact_history chown -R electrumx:electrumx /db service electrumx start name it whatever you want i went with compact_electrum_database.sh make it executable chmod +x compact_electrum_database.sh So then all we have to do is to make an entry to crontab to run automatically every lets say 12 days issue the command as root crontab -e and insert the following to run it automatically At 00 minutes past 1:00 on every 12 days of every month 0 1 */12 * * /root/compact_electrum_database.sh >/dev/null 2>&1 save it and you are good to go
  11. I found my electrumx server crashed this morning.Apparently its a problem that happens with coin that have a short block intervals the flush_count would overflow after 65536 which is about 455 days in Bitcoin if we were indexing a fully synced node. However this is not the case if the node is not fully synced and ElectrumX manages to catch up the full node. In that scenario ElectrumX will quickly exhaust the 16bit space of the flush_countvariable as it flushes to disk after each block. according to this thread : https://github.com/kyuupichan/electrumx/issues/185  to fix it you have to do the following:  service electrumx stop su electrumx #This is critical for not messing with the permissions export DB_DIRECTORY='/db' export COIN=Denarius export DB_ENGINE=leveldb then issue the command: electrumx_compact_history after compacting happens then start it again with: exit #to become root again service electrumx start Apparently this has to happen every 65536 blocks for bitcoin this is every 455 days for Denarius though is way shorter than that 65536 * 20seconds  =15 days !!!! Thats why you had a problem Carsen to keep them up and running Â
  12. no big impact ? look at the fall of the pric during last year LMAO
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