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  1. I'm afraid not. Now it would appear there is no support or moderators in there discord. My TS support tickets go in actioned. I know 60ish DNR isn't a lot but my miners worked hard for those and wanted to build up more.
  2. TS have now asked me to............. Sender: 707 Created: 4/1/2018 10:24:27 AM Hi Hercy888, Dev of DNR or any authorize person was not contact us regarding any update of wallet. You can ask them that why they do not inform us before update? Regards MOD707 I'm happy to forward your response to them if necessary.
  3. Morning Trade Satoshi are now asking me to " Can you contact to dev of DNR? they need to Minimum inform us about any changing or update of wallet" via there discord
  4. 8 Days on and still no resolution from Trade Satoshi. It might not be much to them but I have spent 2 months mining my mere 60 ish DNR. There last block was 643926. Any suggestions. I keep sending support tickets and comment on Discord.
  5. Interesting on trade satoshi I was also trading 3/18/2018 10:10 AM fe21bc89c03982e1f8674fb3438ceee2337caf222c5c02038d0c74c5828638a0 57.91272224 coins 3/18/2018 9:21 AM 20b9063985a770da140e2e51b5b18f0bca3c5527d6ddc089da10d5f706be8868 6.00861689 coins both from TS to Cryptopia . Both showing complete but never arrived and do not show on block chain. At the same time is was trading from cryptohub and they arrived fine. Since reporting to TS they have now put wallet into maintenance but still no resolution. Any ideas?
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