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  1. Hello 18.03.2018 I sent 18.30032190 DNR from Trade Satoshi to Cryptopia (address: DKzu9z8uE4uNnM4QYn8JcueUrorfSj24EV), but I did not receive them. In Trade Satoshi withdraw history is 90 confirmations and Txid is 820aa6b05c9349c35f7d82f84b671bea4dd53e826c9f9ca156fbced8d7968f6c but explorer can't find this transaction. I ask about this Trade Satoshi support and they told me that "Your withdrawal has been processed successfully, the coins were sent and the TX have been broadcasted over the network.". What now? I lost my DNR? Is it possible that Trade Satoshi has old wallet? Best Regards
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