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  1. I tried doing this again and it took a really long time to find some peers. However it has eventually worked and everything is fine now. Thanks. To fix the freezing, I put the wallet in litemode.
  2. Thanks. I tried doing as you have suggested and my wallet is synced. However the DNR are still missing. If I export the transactions, the total is 169 (which is what it was before block 640k), but wallet is only showing 95 spendable now (0 stake, 0 unconfirmed). Also the wallet UI seems to freeze pretty often for a couple of seconds, not sure if it related to the issue or just how v2+ wallet is.
  3. I completely missed the news about needing to update wallet to version 2.0.0 (which is only 3 weeks ago and the wallet itself doesn't notify that it is out of date!). I only noticed when my coins and the difficulty seemed to be off and I started researching. I've tried to update my wallet to the latest, but it is having trouble syncing and a considerable number of my DNR are missing. What am I supposed to do to fix it?
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