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  1. Does anyone know how to go about building a hardware from scratch that can use GPC scripts?
  2. I tried this one but could not get it working, i ran it through python and it kept giving me errors. After doing some more research it seems like the safest way to gain an advantage in any game would be to use a hardware mod and GPC scripts.
  3. The cheat on csjoke is a scam and registration on aimforest is closed, the only way to register is through a reference.
  4. Hey Guys! Does anyone know of any good aimbots and other cheats for Fortnite?
  5. I found Denarius on the new listings tab on CoinMarketCap just a few days after it was listed and looking at the project and low cap pulled me in and since then I have always believed in the project. DRNfj8JwLZrMcuaoDXePZtzYXiRCpaeS5e
  6. Entry: March 14th 2018 2:13pm GMT Wallet: DP2RiFssvjkS7f6nLREPpmrm8DpdSnuof6
  7. It has to be entered here as a reply.
  8. What is the range of the date/time to be guessed? How precise does it need to be?
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