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  1. Mica

    FPGAs or GPUs?

    Well lets see: FPGA I don't have, don't plan on getting one, if we keep going FPGA this just becomes one of those altcoins for another year(or 2) that will be classified as an "fpga only coin" and i'll slowly ignore it. So basicly my vote goes to GPU, this was a GPU coin when I got arround in Denarius and hope it stays like that. Sad part is FPGA ppl already running on the network and collecting their D, giving a slight disadvantage over GPU miners but oh well you win and lose some.
  2. I haven't had much problems with hashbag pool, usually payments flow in every hour for me. Had a hickup one time but received payout from it after a day or something like that. The time when the next payout occours is in the top right corner of the hashbag.cc website, hopefully you'll receive your mined dnr soon.
  3. Hey all, Was rather bored, had some rage (work-stress) to process, so decided to learn some new things and randomly a mini dnr game popped out. Figured i'd share for you all to play. Its nothing fancy or advanced 3d or vr, just a mini webgame. Link to the DNR Mini Game Hope you enjoy.
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