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  1. Sorry, should have realized it was AMD with you using SGminer. glad you got it working... if wanting to overclock and give rest periods this little bat file will help. just insert your bat file and the number of seconds you want to rest and run. sve as a .bt file and put in same folder as your miner. the only thing is it will leave a command window up every time it restarts. it wont be mining.. but it will be there. may have to "x" out of a couple when you check it. havent figured out how to get that one to close yet.... maybe you can @echo off echo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx echo Guess I will get up and start mining echo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx echo: set miner=PUT YOUR .BAT FILE HERE set run=PUT # OF SECONDS TO RUN HERE set rest=PUT # OF SECONDS TO REST HERE set /a counter=0 :start start "miner window" %miner% echo: echo I will only do this for %run% seconds. Then it's my naptime timeout %run% taskkill /t /f /im sgminer.exe echo: echo Be quiet, you dick! echo I still have %rest% seconds left. I am in a union, you know? (%counter%) timeout %rest% set /a counter+=1 echo: echo: goto start
  2. are you using AMD gpu or NVIDIA if using NVIDIA i recommend https://github.com/tpruvot/ccminer/releases/tag/2.2.3-tpruvot use the .bat ccminer-x64 -a tribus -i 20 --plimit=85 --max-temp=75 --cpu-affinity=0x0 --cpu-priority=4 -o stratum+tcp://yiimp.eu:8533 -u DJs4qEg6Bbnpz7Md5k7FryshtfMPE8cw4H -p c=DNR let me know if you need more assistance let me know. If AMD i can research some more to find a good program and write a .bat. I also have a bash script or cooldown periods while overclocking. if i have been helpful and you feel like tipping, my DNR address is: DErbLLCntjn93tsykvwa2XhA4rFK52cBSR
  3. try putting ``` sgminer.exe -a tribus -o stratum+tcp://hashbag.cc:8688 -u DJs4qEg6Bbnpz7Md5k7FryshtfMPE8cw4H -p x ```
  4. hi guys, getting in on the forum chat here.. just a thought i was having... the tipping. i think it is all well and good.. and dont get me wrong.. i have profited from it.. but.. with the accessibility of mining and the relative ease in which the algo is solved, is tipping such a good idea. i know that crypto is for the people but would some exclusivity be beneficial in this early stages. once the mining is over.. i definitely see the need for the tipping bots and so forth... but now wouldnt hodling and making it a little more difficult to get be the best for prices..... i dont know.. just my thought.
  5. sweet. yeah i didnt even know there a merch shop till last night. good job guys!
  6. i was hoping it was the mine stake trade repeat one... but thats pretty awesome still. hopefully im not a leech. lol!
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