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  1. Any help? I sync around 3000 blocks in 5 hours. this takes forever
  2. Jungork


    I agree, we cant just sit back and wait for things to happen. We need to take action into our own hand and do something about the PR.
  3. Can someone explain why the network hashrate is fluctuating so much? i see it going from 117 gh/s to 700 gh/s in mere minutes . why is this?
  4. What is the future of this coin? and is there a road map? The community has become quiet after newyear
  5. Where is the config file located? cant find it
  6. What card are you using?
  7. Hello I was wondering if someone knows anything about the low hash rates on AMD cards? I'm mining with three RX 580's and I'm getting about 25mh/s with each card. I also have a 1080ti that gets 115mh/s. I asked in the chat and they said that AMD needs optimizing, but is there any information regarding the optimization? I'm new to mining and Denarius
  8. Jungork

    PoS Changes?

    Can we get a math equation that shows us what all the three options are? Or an explanation? Thanks in andvance
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