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    I tried this one but could not get it working, i ran it through python and it kept giving me errors. After doing some more research it seems like the safest way to gain an advantage in any game would be to use a hardware mod and GPC scripts.
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    How to easily swap or change endianness in Javascript, NodeJS, etc. with one simple function! changeEndianness() const changeEndianness = (string) => { const result = []; let len = string.length - 2; while (len >= 0) { result.push(string.substr(len, 2)); len -= 2; } return result.join(''); } You can then use this function with any string to convert its endianness Example of using function: var yourstringvar = 'Your string goes here to swap endianness'; var newendian = changeEndianness(yourstringvar); console.log('Your newly swapped endian string', newendian);
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    So not a lot of information out there, but if you want to convert a Bitcoin or Denarius or any standard crypto typically, you take the block hex to a block hash (typically used for block explorers and things) you just do the following: changeEndianness(SHA256(SHA256(BLOCKHEX))) So basically visually in text it would be: BLOCKHEX => Hashed to SHA256 => Hashed to SHA256 => Swap Endianness = Block Hash You are just hashing the hex twice and then swapping the endianness to obtain the hash of the block.
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    Happy 3rd! Was searching for good coins to mine a few years back and found Denarius - started mining and FPGAs hit the chain Through the tough times and the good, came back for a Stake or Two DNj8oCuSXDCV7iLaQeNa9mkhHMvjkgToph
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