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    100,000 Blocks mined - 29/07/17
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    hey guys we need help to get denarius listed on poloniex, if everyone who reads this post goes to https://poloniex.com/coinRequest and helps ask for DNR to be listed then we have a good chance of getting it done, which means higher prices for you and larger profits later on
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    Forum members are invited to share ideas of how to promote Denarius coin to members of cryptocurrency world and general public. Ideas should be: written in a clear and concise manner specific (answer the questions of what, when, where) legal to implement including cost of implementation (resources needed) including possible difficulties of execution (if there are any) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author believes that such method of communication will be more efficient than chat room discussions (only topical information, ability to "vote" for ideas with "heart", etc)
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    https://coins.newbium.com/coins/88-denarius That's it guys... DENARIUS just secured a slot on the Newbium highly rated Crypto blog... so let's go buzz the ad space with DNR articles... and guess what??? Who knows you may get a tip from ****** Shhhhhh don't say I told you ooohh..
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    i keep getting a bug with the wallet left my rig mining over night left the wallet open ect. got up this morning closed the miner and the wallet so i could do bit work on my pc. this has happened before on two occasions go to open up the wallet and shows this error its like the Walllet.exe is getting corrupted some how not sure how? MyFix take out appdata/Roaming/Denarius/wallet.dat make backup. remove the appdata/Roaming/Denarius folder. and re download Denarius wallet. put back in the wallet.dat file in appdata/Roaming/Denarius open wallet let it sync. it quite annoying why this is corrupting there is no reason for it as i can see on my side. just posting for the devs to see.
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    Added v1.0.4.0 macOS .dmg release
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    Done! Like a lazycopypaster but I did use my own words for why lol.
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    Done For lazy copypasters : 1) Denarius 2) DNR 3) https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1967207 4) https://denarius.io 5) http://denarius.name/ 6) WHY: New algo. Fast transactions. Great devs team. Big community. Stealth Addresses. Encrypted Messaging. Well designed wallet for win, mac, ubuntu.
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    So far so good, The new wallet is cool; It was a nice build, definitely not built by a fool. Lol. Hope my Rhymes where cool? Nice Work There Carsen... you really did a nice job on the wallet...
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    Hurrayyyy lets watch out for 200k
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    its doing fine... nice job @carsen will let you know if there are any glitches by and by...big ups to you and team mates
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    Let me go check it out... I'll sure post a review when I'm done with it... And by the way you're doing good @Carsen
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    Congrats Denarians... y'all made it happen
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    Go download the new wallet bro
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    Link to the original Steemit article, I am not a whale but am rapidly building a following with my technical reviews. https://steemit.com/crypto/@burnthamsterpub/denarius-dnr-tribus-pow-algo-coin-staking-wallet-review Took screenshots like the one attached for my preliminary review.
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    Yes Broooo.... Such a nice idea... and I'm all in for the DNR Video Contest... it will popularize DNR the more
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    I won 11 in the meme contest and as originally planned I want to give them back to the community. I will top it up with 9 from my own stack (I know it isn'tmuch but it is some). So that makes it 20 in total from my side. Would anyone here be willing to add to the pool for the competition? every little help, even 1 DNR. This competition would be to create a video on DNR, it could be ANYTHING, how to video, what denarius is, perhaps a talk on Denarius, perhaps an analysis, or perhaps something funny - the sky is the limit. What do you guys think and do you want to contribute? Carsen can handle the address where coins are stored for the competition to make it transparent.
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    Yeah.. It's our slot on coins.newbium.Com so let's go do DNR proud.... That WILL be a good PR for us... Let's Show them we are Denarians....
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    Boy you rock, how you did it with the meme #2 beats. Congrats all the same
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    I like that idea @RusRap when we do another giveaway I will implement that idea.
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    Okay, I got some mini-idea. Like when @Carsen makes new giveaway (if it happens) we could ask now to put tweet with some DNR-promo-message and not just DNR wallet address. I think it's pretty straightforward so no detailed explanation needed. We could put minimal-limit like at least 30 followers or something. What do you think, forum?
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    @tendermartin I just signed up to Slack with no issues. I take it your trying to sign up via a mobile? Maybe try a different method as it worked for me. The error itself would either be a fault with slack (which would be the slack team, not denarius) or you mobile.
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    Slack Channel ain't letting me in on registration.... please fix the error
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    We do have an official Slack chat, link is at the bottom of the forum on the front page. There is also Gitter chat available in the bottom right
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    Let's have an Official Slack Channel and also an Official Telegram Group and Channel... People/Participants these days can be quite so busy and engaged that they would prefer Instant Messaging for Reminders and Active Participation at their level.... especially the not-so-tech participants.. As for the Tech Savvy Participants we can make do with denariustalk
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    Okay, I (or somebody more professional) could create an animated video for Youtube explaining Denarius coin advantages. It would look something like this: ---------------------------------------------- And this: ---------------------------------------------- I will need to buy VideoScribe (£18/month) and spend some time with dev's to write rough script. I will need some 12 working hours to make an actual animated video (I took this number out of the blue). Possible difficulties include my accent (It's not that bad but English isn't my first language) and the fact that I don't have established Youtube channel (but we could make Official DNR channel). I will possibly want some incentive in form of DNR for work. What do you think, forum?
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    https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases Current version is v1.0.2.0
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