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  1. On 1/11/2018 at 6:21 AM, jtmining17 said:

    That's about what it equates to, the payouts are based on your percentage of accepted shares for that block. Sometimes you get an extra accepted share or two sometimes you don't.


    looking at your payout for the last 24 hours, you're at .51 at @25mhash. I have 2.2 @76mhash. My mining power is triple yours. Plus I'm probably getting a few extra shares on blocks our pool solves.

    the key thing to remember is that mining is a slow arduous process that isn't an instant gratification. It's taken me over 4 months to mine my 300DNR. I started off with my laptop then bought one gpu, and now a second one recently.


    Feel free to try out different pools, mine for 48 hours on each and compare how much you make on each pool to see what is your best option.


    I would also delete the D=.25 line in your password line... Let the stratum server vary your difficulty setting. .25 is high for your hashrate.

    You're right, a pool with a lot of people get you regular very small payouts...but a pool with less people gets you big payments if you're patient enough. When a pool gets more than 50% of the total network hashrate, it's impossible for small miners to get something...

    You can try that pool for example : www.cryptorushmining.com ; but you will have to be patient.

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